A Digital Message Center is a variable message sign that utilizes computer-generated messages. This form of technology is highly effective, enabling constant message and graphic updates. By installing a Digital Message Center, your business’ visibility will instantly increase. You’ll gain the ability to captivate passersby with a custom message, which is hugely important in promoting your brand.

These signs are very flexible in terms of what you display. They allow you to easily change your messages, grabbing your clients’ attention and keeping them informed on your company’s updates. Your business may not physically be open, but your Digital Message Center will continue to connect your brand to your customers 24-7, day or night, rain or shine.

Digital Message Centers are not only versatile in how they present text and graphics, by they are also extremely relevant. They allow you to communicate in real-time, alerting customers to current sales, changes in your hours or company news. At Aurora Sign Company, we understand the importance of client communication. Trust in us to develop the Digital Message Center your business has always needed to keep your customers in-the-loop.

Types of Digital Message Centers:

  • Indoor
  • Outdoor
  • Single Line
  • Multi-Line Scoreboards
  • Time-Temperature
  • Menu Boards Directors
  • Tickers
  • Video Boards
Digital Message Centers
Digital Message Centers