Pylon and Monument signs introduce and welcome visitors to campuses, developments, business parks, banks and institutions. Free-standing and internally illuminated, they are often located on the outskirts of the property announcing the presence of your business in the community. These signs reside directly on the ground, enhanced with faux stone or a masonry base. Some even include an electronic message center.

Pylon and Monument signs each have their own benefits. Monument signs are constructed no higher than five feet tall, designed to connect with consumers at eye level. They are the perfect addition to enrich the beauty of your company’s landscape. If your business is in more of a residential setting, or off a road with a lower speed limit, a Monument sign would most likely be your best option.

On the other hand, Pylon signs are better at catching the consumer’s eye from a distance. Pylon signs tower significantly higher than Monument signs, benefitting businesses positioned alongside a highway or an area where cars are zipping by. No matter where your business is located, Aurora Sign Company will help you determine the ideal sign type for your business.