Wayfinding signs reduce confusion and create a level of comfort for your clients, while conveying a professional image. They are interior or exterior navigational tools that guide your clients in the correct direction, assisting in the identification of locations within your property.

Wayfinding signs are excellent for healthcare and educational facilities as well as stadiums, zoos and other businesses, large or small. Whether you’re looking to map out your business’ different departments or simply indicate where the lavatories are located, Wayfinding signs are an invaluable tool. They give people a sense of security in an unfamiliar environment and save time with easy-to-understand navigation visuals.

Highly customizable, these signs offer great creative freedom. Aurora Sign Company will ensure your new Wayfinding sign accurately reflects your brand. We have access to a wide array of construction materials, which will allow us to create a sign that compliments your image with personalized fonts and colors.