Channel Letters

Channel Letters are individual illuminated letters, and for many businesses, a great alternative to traditional Monument signs. Not only do Channel Letters give you the creative freedom to design in a 3D platform, but they are also customizable in terms of size, font and color. Another major perk is that they are very durable and do not require much maintenance over time.

These signs have great visibility, no matter the time of day, and can be crafted to perfectly reflect your brand identity. Their three-dimensional form provides a dynamic and dramatic appearance. The result is professional and highly visual, attracting consumers to your establishment 24 hours a day, even when your place of business is closed. Illuminating a sign is the key factor in attracting attention to your business after sunset.

Most importantly, Channel Letters are also energy efficient, utilizing eco-friendly LED lighting. One of the top benefits to using LEDs is that they maintain their brilliant luminosity even during the coldest of winters. This means your sign will look great all year long! With a Channel Letter sign manufactured by Aurora Sign Company, your business will outshine your competition.