At Aurora Sign Company, we are conscious of our earth’s ever-changing environment and focused on innovative eco-friendly solutions. Go Green with a customized LED sign! LED is an emerging and rapidly improving illumination technology. LEDs contain no mercury and this eco-friendliness may be a helpful factor in the permitting process.

Two of the greatest benefits of using this sign type is that it is energy efficient and has a long lifespan. On average, LEDs stay illuminated three to six years longer than their florescent and neon counterparts. They also produce brighter light than other types of bulbs, while using less energy. LED signs are easy-to-read from various distances, no matter the time of day. Their bright appearance is eye-catching, whether people or walking or driving by.

If you’re looking for a quality, low maintenance sign for your business, LEDs are the ideal solution. These signs are much easier to maintain than other signage because they do not have fragile glass tubes or gases that could leak out. They can also be manufactured in a much thinner design than neon signs because of their lack of tubes. LEDs are very customizable in design, as they are composed of individual lights. Aurora Sign Company has the team and the talent to develop a beautiful LED sign that sets you apart from your competition.